Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Marin Towns struggle to meet housing madates

"Towns across Marin are having trouble meeting housing requirements that have been mandated by the state government and determined by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG). In Marin, only Belvedere met the June 30 deadline for submitting housing element plans.....

"The reason that it's difficult in Marin is there's a shortage of land available for development," said Peter Ramsey, a member of the Fairfax Planning Commission who also works for the Marin Housing Authority.

Much of Marin County has been set aside as permanent open space where no houses can be built, and in areas where development is encouraged there is often little space left for more housing units."

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Marin low Foreclosure rate compared to state

"San Francisco logged 70 foreclosure sales in the month of June, the fewest number of sales per population of any county in California, but still a 19 percent jump over May, according to a report released today by ForeclosureRadar.

Overall San Francisco saw one foreclosure per 11,779 residents. Two other Bay Area counties posted numbers that landed them in the top five of least foreclosure sales per population: Marin County had 50 foreclosure sales, or one per 6,037 residents; and San Mateo saw 151 foreclosures, one per 4,897 residents. In the bay Area, Contra Costa suffered the highest foreclosure numbers...."

Full article From San Francisco Business Times

Friday, July 10, 2009

Smith and Hawkins goes out of business

So long Smith & Hawken, it was nice while it lasted: The Smith & Hawken website says it all- "Thank you for 30 wonderful years in the garden."

For those of us who knew S&H back when it was that neat little store in Mill Valley with the wonderful gardening tools, Wednesday was a sad day.

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Tiburon Spy on it's residents?

Just came across this article:

The posh and picturesque town that juts into San Francisco Bay is poised to do something unprecedented: use cameras to record the license plate number of every vehicle that crosses city limits....

Situated on a peninsula, Tiburon's hillside homes and waterfront shops are accessible by only two roads, allowing police to point the special cameras known as license plate readers at every lane that leads into and out of the town of 8,800.

Here is the link to the article: Tiburon spy on license plates

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