Saturday, January 30, 2010

Marin Mammal Center

This seems like a really cool and fun fund-raiser!

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Run for the Seals (RFTS) is The Marine Mammal Center's annual fun run/walk and fundraiser. After a one year hiatus, the Center is excited to host the 2010 event and incorporate the event into its new facility that opened to the public in June 2009.

As one of the largest fundraising events in the Center's calendar, all proceeds and funds raised from RFTS, help support The Marine Mammal Center's ongoing work to rescue and treat ill, injured and orphaned marine mammals.

The event is on Saturday, March 13, 2010 in the beautiful Marin Headlands, starting at Rodeo Beach and ending at Bunker Road near the Centers new hospital and visitor center. This years race provides participants with two route options*:

- The original 4-mile race (self-timed); a road and dirt track route through the Headlands (uphill in parts).
- Plus a new 2-mile scenic route overlooking the ocean for those who want a shorter but challenging and
rewarding walk with viewing, refreshment and education stations along the way.

The event is open to all ages and is perfect for runners (casual and pro), hikers, 'baby
-joggers' and power-strollers. There will also be a costume contest and dogs on leashes are welcome too!

After the event, all participants are invited to attend our FUN DAY* which will take place at The Marine Mammal Center. During Fun Day between 10am - 5pm, guests will enjoy food, drinks and tours, and visit booths staffed by our RFTS Community Partners while learning about the important work of the Center.

Awards will be given to the first three adults and children across the 4-mile finish line, and prizes will be awarded to the highest adult, child and team fundraisers.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Green Moving - Marin County

I am always on the look-out for tools and tips for my Marin Real Estate clients and recently one of my service providers: Sean Morris from Moving Mountain Logistics let me know he's partnered with a green moving solution to stop using and throwing away all of those moving boxes.

So, if you are considering a move to Marin County or are just moving locally and buying and selling Marin County Real Estate and are looking for a mover, please be sure to contact Sean from Moving Mounting Logistics!

Moving is not only rated as one of the most stressful and complicated things, but its also one of the most wasteful. The average residential move uses 150 pounds of cardboard to pack all the belongings in the home. Using 150 pounds of cardboard requires one tree, 400 gallons of water, 5 gallons of oil, and 2,500 kilowatts of energy to be manufactured. Even if people reuse cardboard boxes, they have a maximum of 2 additional uses before they become too weak to be used in another move. With 46 million people moving annually in the US and the average person moving 16 times in their lifetime, we are creating a lot of waste that ultimately goes to the landfill and pollutes our planet.

There is now a green solution to pack and move without the waste. ZippGo, a San Francisco Bay Area based company, has created a reusable moving box made from 100% recycled plastic to eliminate the need for the conventional cardboard moving box used by millions. ZippGo rents these boxes for a prices less than the total cost of buying cardboard boxes and they deliver them right to your home a week before your move and then pick them up from your new home a week after you've moved in.

The deliveries are made using trucks powered by renewable biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil which is great for the environment and keeps emissions low. Each ZippGo Reusable Moving Box can be used hundred of times saving hundred of cardboard board boxes over its lifetime and preventing hundreds of pounds of waste cardboard from entering the landfill. ZippGo was created by local entrepreneur Ash Sud when he realized how much waste was being created with cardboard boxes while moving homes within San Francisco.

In order to offer clients a total green move, ZippGo has partnered with Moving Mountain Logistics, the first certified green moving company in Marin. Moving Mountain Logistics owner Sean Morris has been successfully helping people move for the last 7 years. Like Ash, Sean also saw all the waste created during the moving process, and committed himself to reducing and reusing whenever possible to preserve the Earth for future generations.Together, ZippGo and Moving Mountain Logistics provide a total green moving solution for people who want to move waste free while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

SPECIAL SAVINGS: Moving mountain logistics will even provide a 50% discount off their packing services rate if customers use ZippGo for their moving boxes.

ZippGo: / 800-723-7017
Moving Mountain Logistics, Inc.: / 415-382-8826