Monday, October 19, 2009

Marin County Property Taxes

County of Marin Tax Reassessment

OK, this really irked me. I just received the following letter in the mail from an official looking Law Firm, I'll copy the letter at the bottom of this post. People are soliciting to help Marin Homeowners have their property tax value reassessed and will charge 40% of the amount saved!!!

This is horrible. I especially feel for elder homeowners who will fall for this horrible scheme.

Attention All Marin Homeowners: do you know that there is NO COST or FEE to have Marin County reassess your property value on which it bases your property taxes?

YES, property values have gone down and it is likely that you can have your property taxes reduced, especially if your purchased your Marin Real Estate near the height of the market (2005). You may have even received a letter from the County with a reassessment, BUT it may still be possible to have your homes value assessed even lower.

All it will take will be a few minutes to fill out the County of Marin Tax Assessors Request for review of Assessment Form

All you need is 3 home comps from homes that sold no later than March 31, 2009. I would be more than happy to pull comps for you (at no charge) so you can fill out your own form.

Here is the information you will need for the form:
1. Owners Name
2. Property address
3. Property type
4. Current assessed value
5. Homeowners opinion of current value
6. Comparables (comps) of 3 properties which support the lower valuation (email me for help with this, I'm happy to help you find 3 Marin Home Sale comps

According to the tax form, you must have this form post-marked by December 31, 2009.

Here is the link to the form on the Marin County Website so you can do this yourself for FREE:
County of Marin Tax Reassessment Request

"Colligan & Associates
1592 Union Street, Ste 488,
SF, CA 94124

Dear Liz:

My preliminary research has uncovered a possible over-assessment by the County on the above-referenced property. I appeal tax assessments for property owners on a success-only fee. My fe is Forty (40%) percent of any savings for the coming year....

Many California property owners believe that their assessments are set by Prop 13 (true) and can't be appealed (untrue). I have successfully appealed thousands of assessments since 1987. Enclosed is my contract for you to sign if you want me to appeal your assessment. Sign it, return it in the enclosed envelope. Unless I win you a tax reduction, there is no fee of any kind.

Sincerely, Terrance M Colligan"

40%!!! My goodness. This could be hundreds or thousands of dollars that the Marin homeowners should keep, not some crafty attorney!!

Please everyone. Forward a link to this post to Marin Homeowners who might possibly get taken advantage of!


Third Street said...

Not only that, he also doesn't mention what happens if your home is re-assessed at a higher value! That is the risk with any request for re-assessment.

Mona said...

I received the same letter! Live in SF: same deal? Can we be reassessed by the county?

Thank you so much for any info!

SfFirefox said...

i dont think these guys are bad. save you the trouble of doing it yourself for a fee. of course there is a risk of upward reassessment - also if you do your own appeal. Very small risk these days!